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Time and technology change many things in life, including the operation of your well, water quality, and advances such as geothermal cooling and heating.  

Ferguson's Well Drilling, LLC staff provides you with professional and prompt service.  

If you haven't installed a well before, or are being confronted with repairs you probably have some 

questions that are commonly asked.  We have listed some of the commonly asked questions below

For an estimate or to discuss service for a specific need CALL or E-MAIL us.

-  What are your hours?

    We work Monday through Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm

    Saturday- emergency service only

-  How deep is a typical well?

   The depth of a well can vary depending on several factors.  There is no standard depth that is dug especially in the mountains.

-  I'm buying unimproved land that will need a well and a septic system installed.  How far apart do they need to be            placed from each other?

   State and local codes detrmine this requirement, but  a 100' could be required. For your county contact information click here.

-  What is the cost for a new well?

   We can give you an estimate on the labor and parts. The depth of the well and size of pump are variables in the costs.

   Call or e-mail us to schedule an appointment for a FREE estimate.

-  Is a permit required to install a new well?

   Yes, a permit is required and you may apply for it with your county building department. For contact information,

   click here.

-   I think my well pump needs to be replaced. How much does that cost?

    Cost to replace a well pump includes parts and labor.  We are happy to discuss the different size pumps available that

    best suit your needs. Call or e-mail us to schedule an appointment.

-   Geothermal...what is that?

    Thermal energy is generated and stored in the ground. It is an efficient and "green" method of cooling and heating a HVAC

    system in your home. Fluid running through the system cools or heats your home.  Call or e-mail us to discuss our drilling of       the well, and installation of the piping system in the ground.  To learn more about geothermal cooling and heating, click here.