Leicester, NC
"We've been drillin' for water in the mountains since 1978"




You've heard the saying...

"it's all in a day's work".

Well, (no pun intended) some days pose some risks, and challenges

for Ferguson's Well Drilling, LLC.

Take a look at some photos from....a day on the job.


Other days...are just more routine!


At the end of a day... we get the job done!

It was 1999...

when the Madison County Sentinel

wrote a feature story about Ferguson's Well Drilling.

It's not as exciting as striking gold, but it was a major accomplishment after drilling 325' through solid rock!

The end result... see Joe Ferguson in the last photo of the slideshow getting a cup or water!


Whether you need a new well installed, an old well repaired, 

want information on geothermal cooling and heating, or water conditioners...

we're just a phone call or click away


Ferguson's Well Drilling, LLC !